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I like this demo!

great sprites, CGs and backgrounds

a good plot for thriller/horror with a lot lighter and funny accents

bunch of interesting, well-written characters with different personalities

animated EYEZ !!!

nice ladies :)

I want more :3


Thank you for the feedback! We're glad to hear you liked it! :)

Heres my part 2 XD

I laughed so hard at your Noah introduction scene. :D The inner ramblings were also great. Thank you so much for such quality content!

lol no problem . Keep doin what you do XD

Mmmm... sexy girls in a cabin? What's going on here?... AHHHH a bear!!  No it's just a rock... What the freak is goin on!? lol enjoyed the game. Wanna see what this is about. 

Let me just say I had a blast seeing your reactions and listening to your comments throughout the whole thing. :D Thank you very much for playing! We'll be looking forward to part two! :)

I enjoy that you enjoyed my playthrough XD  I'll post part two tomorrow

loved it I am so excited for the full game!


Again, thank you so much for playing! We're very happy to hear you enjoyed the demo! :)

Are you going to make an android version of this game?? Im curious OwO

We're considering it!

Oh, yeyy hehe ≧ω≦.

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Just tried the demo and backed the game on KS! Here are some first impressions:

  • I like the sprites! They look a lot less stiff than Soulset's. I'm also enjoying the way that there's some body diversity (including Roscoe actually looking like a middle-aged uncle). The only thing is that Kevin's pose makes it seem like he's staring over everyone's head while he talks to them, which is a bit silly.
  • The CGs also match the sprites better this time!
  • The prophetic dream opening is a bit cliché. If nothing else, I hope it gets explained and justified later down the line.
  • Really liked the way you integrated the succubus thing into an everyday conversation. (And good on Himari for calling Kevin out on being all slut-shamey.) Is it just demons, or are there other supernatural creatures that are a normal, accepted part of the world?
  • Love the character relationships that have been established so far. You've got a good group dynamic going, plus interesting individual ways the characters play off each other. (I'm allowed to ship Himari and Sylvia, right?)

Anyways, great job so far! Seems like this is a smaller project than your last game, but I've got high hopes for it.

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it! :)

I like it a lot when there's body type diversity in other projects, so it's something I pay a lot of attention to when designing characters myself. It's nice not to have everyone with the same type of build/chest/height, isn't it? :) I'm always happy to hear when people can appreciate those touches, too. Glad to hear that the sprites seem less stiff this time around, as well. Guess that means we're simply improving on the drawing department.

As for the story-related side of things, I can only say you'll have to play the full version to find out. ;) Glad to hear that the character dynamics seem interesting so far! (You're totally allowed to ship anyone. ;)) Initially we wanted this to be a small and simple project... (Noah and Clarissa weren't even in the game during our early drafts, lol) But we're starting to think we simply lack the ability to do small and simple. We'll see how much this one expands on us in the end.

Thanks for looking forward to it!