A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Not sure what he's been doing the night before, Chris wakes up in a strange room, handcuffed to a pipe. He doesn't recognize the girl that wakes up next to him, but it seems they're both in a similar predicament. 

What's their story? Can they get out?

Blankspace is an escape room visual novel with point-and-click elements. Interact with Beryl, investigate your surroundings, solve puzzles, and find your way out of a strange-looking room!

Genres: mystery, puzzle, suspense, romance 
Romance: BxG

- 2-5 hours of playtime
- A story-rich, character-driven narrative
- Choices that affect your relationship & ending
- Multiple endings
- Optional free H-patch (available upon release)
- Available for Windows & Linux

- Content warning -
This game contains content that may not be appropriate for all ages, including: general mature themes, strong language, blood, alcohol consumption, and sexual content. It also touches upon some dark topics including abuse, depression, and suicide.
Please take note of this if you're sensitive to such things.
Player discretion is advised.

Nayru - Creator
Xolf - Proofreading / Coding Assistance

Blankspace is going to have an original soundtrack composed by OddTillTheEnd all thanks to being successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Planned release date: Q2 2020

The demo version shows the first 30-60 minutes of the game.

Install instructions

The file is in .zip format, so it needs to extracted before playing.


Blankspace_Demo-1.3-pc.zip 119 MB

Development log


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really nice demo, i really like the character design and some of the puzzle realy made my brain work. i will definetly buy the full version when its released.


I'm glad to hear that! Thank you! :)

Awesome demo. Count me in for a purchase when it's released.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)


Really cool demo. The end was... unexpected and soo teasing. :) Good luck with the Kickstarter! 


Thank you kindly for playing! :) I'm glad you liked it!


I haven't played through your game yet, but I like the concept and the (gorgeous!) art from your description page. The only thing that bothers me, for various reasons that I do not wish to bore you with but could expand upon if requested, is to play on the boy/male side.

Could you be convinced to please release an extension of the story in the future where we get to play the girl instead, or is the game hard-locked into the male side ? Or can we maybe expect more such games of you in the future with an alternative take from the female side ?

I hope my question does not come across as offensive. We all have our own preferences and kinks, and I can perfectly respect that.   Wishing you all the best for the success of your VN.


One of the main reasons why I create my games is to tell stories. Chris and Beryl are distinct characters (with their own backgrounds which will be explored through the course of the game), and it's important that this story is experienced from Chris' perspective for the main part of it. 

I plan to keep creating games, and I'm sure some of them will have female protagonists - it all depends on what works more at that point in time, for that specific project.

If having a female protagonist is important to you, you can give SoulSet a try (my first project that's already been released) - there's a strong female lead there.

Hope that helps and thank you for the kind words! :)

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Thank you for your reply, and that is perfectly understandable. I will heed your suggestion to have a look into your other game, and will follow whatever you come up with in the future with interest. Please do have a nice day ^.^

im stuck on some of the puzzle but other than that I love where the plot is going the character is awesome and the art style is cute <333


I'm glad to hear you like it! :) Thank you for playing!