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Hi, is there any walkthough available for the game? Got this game recently, and immediately had a liking to it.

I am halfway through and loving the story but keep getting stuck in the puzzles. There is no guide available either so the puzzles are really kicking my ass.

Hi!  Are you going to make a version for Mac?


We'd love to distribute a Mac version of Blankspace, unfortunately Apple's latest changes to MacOS make it very awkward to run non-notarized code (potentially leading to support nightmares for us, as we're not Mac based). Notarizing code requires a $99/year Apple Developer Licence and regrettably it's hard as a small indie developer to justify that sort of cost.

You should be able to play using the Windows version of the game by following the instructions at the bottom of though - just be sure to test using the demo version first to check if it works for you fine.

I already bought it because I love you guys!  I have a friend who has helped me run a windows simulator on my Mac and it works so I will try that!  I don't blame you!  Thanks so much!

Oh, thank you kindly! :) We hope you manage to get it working fine, then!

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Since textual ratings don't seem to end up on this page, I'll just leave a positive comment as well :P The game is an awesome combination of puzzles and a deep story set in an escape room scenario.  I especially liked the characters and how things progressed :) For a more detailed text, find my rating right here: xD

Thanks for such a detailed review! It's great to hear you enjoyed the game so much, I really appreciate it! :)

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Oh damn it released already?! I really enjoyed the demo so I will check this out ASAP!

Hope you enjoy it! :)


Just played this demo and have to say: I really enjoyed it! As others have said, the character design and other art are wonderful. I love the concept and the characters are really interesting so far, so I will definitely be buying the game when released. :)

I'm very glad to hear it! Thank you! :)


really nice demo, i really like the character design and some of the puzzle realy made my brain work. i will definetly buy the full version when its released.


I'm glad to hear that! Thank you! :)


Awesome demo. Count me in for a purchase when it's released.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)


Really cool demo. The end was... unexpected and soo teasing. :) Good luck with the Kickstarter! 


Thank you kindly for playing! :) I'm glad you liked it!


I haven't played through your game yet, but I like the concept and the (gorgeous!) art from your description page. The only thing that bothers me, for various reasons that I do not wish to bore you with but could expand upon if requested, is to play on the boy/male side.

Could you be convinced to please release an extension of the story in the future where we get to play the girl instead, or is the game hard-locked into the male side ? Or can we maybe expect more such games of you in the future with an alternative take from the female side ?

I hope my question does not come across as offensive. We all have our own preferences and kinks, and I can perfectly respect that.   Wishing you all the best for the success of your VN.


One of the main reasons why I create my games is to tell stories. Chris and Beryl are distinct characters (with their own backgrounds which will be explored through the course of the game), and it's important that this story is experienced from Chris' perspective for the main part of it. 

I plan to keep creating games, and I'm sure some of them will have female protagonists - it all depends on what works more at that point in time, for that specific project.

If having a female protagonist is important to you, you can give SoulSet a try (my first project that's already been released) - there's a strong female lead there.

Hope that helps and thank you for the kind words! :)

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Thank you for your reply, and that is perfectly understandable. I will heed your suggestion to have a look into your other game, and will follow whatever you come up with in the future with interest. Please do have a nice day ^.^

im stuck on some of the puzzle but other than that I love where the plot is going the character is awesome and the art style is cute <333


I'm glad to hear you like it! :) Thank you for playing!