SoulSet Patch 1.2 is live!

Along with the update on Steam, this patch fixes any achievement inconsistency issues. Reaching endings in the version of the game now also unlocks achievements for the Steam version if picked up afterwards.

The newest patch also includes:
- numerous typo and grammar text fixes
- after reaching an ending, the game now loops the player back to the "first basement scene", instead of the very beginning (for less skipping)
- reaching an ending for the first time now makes a note appear with some words of advice/explanation

Please keep in mind that any text fixes are going to be recognized as "not yet read text" for the Ren'Py engine, so if the game ends up stopping for you in scenes you've already seen during skipping, that's the reason why. We're sorry for the small inconvenience and hope that SoulSet can be an even more enjoyable reading experience from now on.

A kind thank you to Xolf for helping us out with proofreading!

Thank you for playing! :)


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Version 1.2 Sep 12, 2017

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