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SoulSet is a Mystery/Romance Visual Novel, in which you can try to avoid death and pursue a relationship with both male and female characters. You play as Mariko, who finds herself trapped in an eerie mansion with 5 other people who claim to have no recollection of their past. Who will you trust?

This game contains content such as: strong language, blood, violence, disturbing content, use of alcohol, partial nudity, implied sex and sexual content. Player discretion is advised.

- A total of 7 pursuable characters (both male and female)
- Over 20 possible endings
- 100k+ words with an estimated 10-15 hours of gameplay
- Multiple story lines with unlockable, alternative paths
- Multiple route mystery (only by playing all of the routes will you be able to learn the entire story behind the game's events)
- A fantasy setting where magic is a part of everyday life
- Mystery, suspense, romance, comedy, fantasy
- 18 beautiful backgrounds, spiced with the arcane
- Over 30 character sprites, including alternative outfits
- A CG, BG and Ending Gallery to help keep track of your progress
- Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
- Available for Windows, Mac and Linux
- NoBreadStudio's debut indie title, made by a team of only 3 people!

You find yourself in a world where magic is a common sight, dragons are rare but exist, spirits roam the lands and people's souls hold a lot more potential than one might expect.

The player follows the predicament of Mariko Blairnot, a young woman who finds herself trapped in an eerie mansion with five other people who claim to have no recollection of their past. Mariko herself can only remember scattered bits and pieces of an event that supposedly happened years ago, involving the death of her mother and the appearance of a mysterious stranger who offered his help to her and her closest dragon companion, Isshin. With both of them nowhere to be seen inside of the mansion, Mariko and the rest of the cast investigate their surroundings, only to find more questions with no answers.

When someone comes up with a way that could help in getting their memories back, Mariko is presented with the option to pair up with someone for the experiment.

Who will you trust?

Release date for the full version of the game: December 17th, 2016

*** A Steam key is NOT included in the purchase! ***

More about SoulSet on: 
IndieDB | Lemma Soft Forums | Fuwanovel

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Nayru - Story / Script / Programming / Character Sprites / GUI
MstMori - Interior BG / CG
Marcianek - Exterior BG / Item Icons

Also available: SoulSet - Digital Artbook (+Wallpaper Pack)


Buy Now$16.99 USD or more

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Version 1.2

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SoulSet Prologue Demo 2.2 334 MB

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Really enjoyed playing this and seeing all the routes unfold - so well written, so intriguing and just so much fun! Thanks for making it.

Thank you so much for playing! We're super glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)


Idk if I'll get the game but Shira with her hair down has me acting unwise


Hi! I´m considering buying the game but I´m confused about something. So to understand the whole plot and get the good endings I have to play every route? ´Cause I only really want to play the male routes, even if there´s a friendship option for the female ones. 

Can someone who took part in the creation or someone who has already finished it help me out, please?

BTW: I really like the art and the theme and I LOVE that it doesn´t seem like another chaste/blushing at every corner game, which I have positively gotten very tired of.

Hope I can play it!!!!

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if u really want to understand the plot of the game u definetelly must play every route. U not gonna regret it, it is one of the best fiction plots i ever read.

edit: oh my, just saw ur coment was 2 years ago.

OMG I´ve almost forgotten about this comment. But thank you for answering and making me remember this game. I´m currently at home sick, so I might just give it a go.

Dont need to thank me. Hope u get better soon and enjoy the game!  Stay well <3

Spoiler abt ur question









if im not wrong, there are one male route that u just can play if u end the female routes first. 

Great! Seriously...;]

The game is amazing.... I did all the routes first and still got bad ending and was running around with wtf is going on.... and then I finally started to finish finding all the clues for some of the characters and got back to them and new route/content got opened... so much fun ;D

Seriously, the game is very well made - you get to explore and find out what the real story is and who is who and what kind of agenda they have and what is the truth in all this strange situation you find yourself ;]]

Good job to the authors! and big thank you for making this game ;]

(the only thing that needs work on would be the character scenes - they differ quite a lot from sprites, it's kind of irritating when you see it during the game...)

Thank you kindly for playing! We're glad to hear you had fun with the game! :)


Thank you again for making and finishing this project - it had to be a lot of work considering how well the story and characters are made ;D

It was some time since I found something so maddening and entertaining, thx ^^


is there a way to have this added to your library HERE if you already bought it on steam?


Steam and itch.io are separate stores, so you'd need to purchase the game itself separately, too. We leave it up to the players which platform they prefer.

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Please help.

I found out I needed all the green clues to get to Feathor's route before getting to Marco's route, but for Feathor's route I need to get my last green clue from Marco's route.  I think I'm supose to get the green clue from Marco's bad end A but never got it.

Hello! Yes, Marco's default route has one green clue to find - you'll get it by agreeing to take a bath with him, kissing him, then sharing the bed, but then also agreeing to keep your distance when he asks you to after all that. That should unlock a new scene and also give you the green clue once you manage to get to the end of the route with those choices taken.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much for the reply.

Finally got around to finishing SoulSet. Very much enjoyed it. Took a little bit to get all the endings, but worth it.  Hope we see more of these characters and the world someday.


Thank you for playing, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)
I'd love to make a continuation for SoulSet one of these days, so it might happen sometime in the future. For now, Blankspace and Whiteheart Woods are in line to get finished first.

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In the "101 way to..." book on page 218-219, is that Base 64 or some other kind of Code?

ps. Love the game


Does this purchase come with a Steam key?


No, it does not. We leave it up to the player to choose the platform they prefer.

I really enjoyed this. Shira and Marco were probably my favorite characters, although they were all charming. Looking forward to seeing whatever you do next!

Loved it!

For the four days after I bought it, I used all my spare time to try and play all the endings--and there are a lot, which is awesome. There are more than 16!!  

And if you do play every single route, almost all of your questions are answered. ^_^ 

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Silly question: How do you pronounce Apris? I was always saying it with a french pronunciation haha, with the "s" being silent. (Ah as in apple, and pris like "pree") But I don't think that's right. xD My friend  believes it to be

"Ah" - as in apple - priss"
"Ahh - as in awful - priss"

or "Ay - priss"

It's killing us and we have to know! xD

so refreshing to find a game with BOTH male and female romance options, thank you from the bottom of my lil bisexual heart <3

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This game is INCREDIBLE! I've been following it for a while now (it's been on my mind since I first played the demo about 6 months ago) and I only finally had a chance to pick it up and play it. I got it on Steam, during the Summer sale, but I wanted to post a review here.

I couldn't put  it down for about 4 days straight, and it hooked me so completely from the get go. The only gave I've felt similarly about is 999, which is probably my favorite game ever.

I love the romances - the fact that there are both GxB and GxG in one game, Shira, Marco, Shira... (Did I mention Shira? I really, REALLY love Shira), and I especially love how the romance wasn't just shooed-in, but instead actually have a place in the plot. In fact, if they don't interest you, there's Normal routes for everyone too! (I might be mistaken but it seems like you could actually get most of the clues without having to do the romantic routes? I did all of them though!)

The music is incredible, the sprites are very nice (I'm usually not a fan of more Western art, either but it really worked for me here,) the background art is very nice and the small cutscenes (like Marco with the cards) and CGs helped a lot with the immersion.

The writing is stellar, and a huge part of what makes this game so engaging. I felt like it does a perfect job of revealing the mysteries slowly. Too often I've found that the mysteries come out of nowhere but things in this game feel very well foreshadowed and paced, without giving too much away. When you're 25% in, you know about 25% of the story.

I can't finish my gushing without mentioning the setting. I absolutely adore the setting. I'm usually not a fan of fantasy settings because they can be stereotypical or bland but SoulSet's was SO interesting. I loved that world, and how all of the magic was really used to the most potential.

If there are any complaints I have, it's that the CGs being in a different style than the sprites was quite noticeable. I loved the art styles for both but it pulled me out of the game as I was playing. But it's just a very minor nitpick. Overall, I can't wait to see more from this company. I really, really loved SoulSet, and it blows my mind that it was done by such a small company. I think its story truly rivals many of my favorites.

I want to finish this review by thanking Nayru, MstMori and Marcianek for bringing this incredible project to light, and I also wanted to ask if there's any possibility of getting the physical SoulSet artbook or any other of the indiegogo merchandise for this game (since I was a bit late to learn about this project.) If not I'll just pick up the digital one.

Edit: One last question - why is it called NoBread Studio? Is someone allergic to gluten? ;D

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Are Steam keys included in the purchase?

No, they are not. We leave it up to you to choose the platform you prefer.

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i just bought this game (on steam) and so far i love it! it's so nice to be able to play as a girl who likes girls, so thank you from the bottom of my lesbian heart! i'm not finished with all of the routes yet but i'm guessing i will be soon because i can't stop playing it.  thanks so much for making an awesome game that has amazing story, characters, art, AND lets me be gay <3

EDIT (some spoilers ahead): i'm almost done with all of the routes and i still have nothing but praise for this game!! seriously, you've made something really incredible. i don't want to ramble but i just really want to make sure that everyone knows how great this game is. really nice art, interesting and unique characters, and a story that is so complex and brilliant that it can only be told across multiple timelines. i bought this game because i wanted more of a dating sim, but with each route going deeper and deeper into the mystery, i found myself completely falling in love with the story. 

not counting the secret route because that's the only one i haven't done, i'd say my favorite routes were shirr's, shira's, and mariko's. everything felt very complete at the end of both shirr's and mariko's routes, like the story had come to satisfactory ending, which was a feeling i really liked. and of course, who could resist shira's charm?

sorry for rambling a bit, i just have a question. i am SO close to finishing but i can't unlock the secret ending for the life of me. i've unlocked everything i need to according to the guides i found, but i'm still not getting the option to ask marco about shira after i forgive him. any tips?


I love this game! I'm not the most patient kind of person, so when I managed to sit through the entire game up to unlocking the secret end, it goes to show how captivating how this is. XD I was hesitant to get it, but the more I looked at Marco and Feathor in the cover art, the more mysterious and more intrigued I am with the game. So color me surprised when you-know-what was explained.

*HEAVY spoilers*

My favourite route is the two endings of Feathor. His route had acted as the climax of the story, and despite what Marco and Feathor says that he can't love or has ever love someone before, his actions towards Mariko seems to show differently. There is no VA, but I always imagine whenever Feathor call her name, to be one of fond amusement and maybe some exasperation. The fact that he sacrificed his time in the barrier (1 year! that's quite some dedication) to find a cure/temporary solution for Mariko's curse (was this ever explained anywhere how it came about?) and his dialogue to Mariko during the true end for the other characters, seems to indicate otherwise. Love is sacrifice. Though Marco had that in spades, I feel we can't discount Feathor's later devotion either. I have to admit he is still a pretty shitty guy, the kind parents ask you to stay away from, but he is such a complicated fellow it's a joy to unravel him.

*End spoilers*



Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I love to hear what people think about the game and the characters especially, so reading your comment made me really happy! :) I also like your interpretation of Feathor's character. It's one of those things I wanted the players to wonder about and try to draw conclusions for themselves, so it makes me think I did something right in that regard. ;)

Hey so I just bought the game and for some reason it won't lunch no matter what I do is it because I have macOS Sierra?

Hello! We're sorry to hear that. This seems to be indeed an issue. The creator of Ren'Py addressed it here:
Please check out if the method described there will work for you.


Hey again! I'm finally done with the guide!

I wanted to do it before, but in the end I didn't have time, sorry about that...


I'd also like to post it on Steam, but it won't allow me if I don't own the game. Do you know when will you get the Steam keys, so I can grab the game on there and repost my guide?

Yay, thank you for making a guide! :) I'll take a look at it in a moment!

I already sent out Steam keys to all Itch.io users. :0 If you didn't get yours, could you PM me on Twitter? (@Nayru774)

I don't have a twitter account - do you have any other way? Even if you post it here, if I redeem it on the spot it should be okay?

You can also send me a note on DA - I believe you have an account?

Okay, I think I just found you on DA and sent you a PM. :)
I managed to read the whole guide in the meantime and I'm impressed! :D You're pretty much spot-on with most things. Thanks for taking the time to explore and write all of it! I'm sure the players over on Steam will appreciate you posting it over there, too! :)

Thanks again for the key!

Here is the Steam version - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864815829

Hey, superb job. Was toying with putting together a walkthrough (or flowchart) myself, but having seen that, I think that's pretty damn definitive :D

@Konoi please help. I can't get secret-secret ending (the last one with Shira staying in room). Dont't know why, I made everythig as You wrote. I think it's because of my answers before picking (checking) card. Can You please post in guide what decisions You made before card picking? Don't know why I cant comment on Your tumblr.
And btw I found new route You didn't include in Your guide ;) It has 3 endings, and is hidden in one of Apris bad endings.

Here you go!

I need some help on Marco's route. I think I have all his clues (5 out of 5, right?). I've tried a) trusting him like a naive baby fawn, b) acting like a mall cop watching someone in a store, and c) aggressively hitting on him at every opportunity. And mixing those approaches together when it doesn't work. But still no dice. Any advice?

(1 edit)

You actually need 6 red clues to unlock marco's route. Did you find the green clue on his bad ending a? If you did, I think you need to complete Feathor's route (to unlock Feathor I think you need all of the green clues) to find the last red clue, and then I believe you can actually play Marco's true ending. I'm not sure, tho :C I've managed to find the last green clue, but I don't know how to enter Feathor's route.

Thanks for the reply; it's exactly like you said. c: You can get into Feathor's Route from Yvonne's Bad Route (now that you have all green clues, a new option should appear there for you).

I figured it out about an hour before you posted this, orz. But I really appreciate you replying! I found a few other surprising ends along the way, so it was a good thing I tried it again on my own. There are still a couple other endings I'm missing, but I haven't spent all that much time on getting them yet. Marco's ending was really nice, I'm glad I was able to see it! Thank you!

I am stuck on Shira's route. I have all the clues but on the poem page name, no matter which one I pick, including the one I KNOW is the right answer, I get Bad ending B. Am I missing something?


Thanks for poking me on Twitter, I'm glad I could help you out. :)

I've had a question on my mind, will there be future games that are set in the Soul set universe?

I did entertain the idea of making additional side stories, following certain endings from the game, but it's not anything set in stone yet. I suppose it depends on how many people would be interested in something like that? For the time being, we have something different planned for our 2nd project, so if anything, it would be happening afterwards. We shall see. :)

Well, chalk me up as someone who'd like to see more stories.

And hey, you've already got the sprites :)

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I've finished this game a couple of days ago, and I must say I loved every bit of it, it was AMAZING! The demo was good, but oh dear the whole thing... just wow... I think Apris' route was my favorite, because of the sheer fact I love him so much. But the last route (including the required things to reach it) were awesome too! (yeah, trying my best not to spoil haha)

Can I make a guide of the game since people seem to have a lot of trouble? I'll probably post it on tumblr, then make a Steam version when it's released.

omg a guide would be great ;u;


Since I was given an OK, I'll be making it soon!

I'm missing the last 3 endings and I can't figure out how to get them. Could you PLEASE give me some hints? If you give me your Tumblr I could message you there to avoid putting spoilers in the comments.

Sure - my tumblr is http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/

You can either message me, or wait a day or two until a make the guide - I'll post it there anyway!

A guide would be awesome! I am only missing one ending. I have no idea what it might be or how to get it.

I was given an OK, so I'll make it and post it on my tumblr.

But if you want me to help you before, you can message me through tumblr or deviantart (I'd rather not spoil here in the comments)

My tumblr is http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/ (and it has a link to my DA page)

Okay, great!! If I decide I can't wait, I'll message you through one of them. :)


have you posted it yet?

No, I've been unexpectedly very busy and didn't have time - sorry

I'm very sorry for taking so long - I bet you ended up finding your answers, but if you still need it, I'm done - http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/post/157285475522...

I was so busy lately I couldn't do it before...

awwwwww thank you

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much! :D Thank you kindly for the feedback! There aren't many Apris fans out there yet, as far as I'm aware, so that's nice to hear. ^^ (And it's always a joy hearing that someone enjoyed "that" route. ;D)

If you'd like to make a guide, then feel free to, of course! :) I assumed people would start making guides when the game made it to Steam, since that's what usually happens. So if it can happen earlier, I'm all the happier for it. ^^ Good luck! (And don't forget to leave me a link once you post it, I'd love to take a look at it myself! ;3)

(1 edit)

You should do a poll to see who eveyones favorite character is....ps. mine is also Apris

Apris was a surprise to me, honestly!

I didn't really know who to start with, so I've decided to start with the two characters I liked the least in the beginning, Apris and Yvonne. I picked one of them at random, and so, Apris was the first route I did...... and while going through his route, I liked him more and more, and he ended up being and staying my favorite haha!

And thank you about the guide! I'll make it soon then, and I'll post a link! I'll probably repost it on Steam later anyway, but I figured out people may need it earlier than that since the game is pretty hard! Since I'm at it, I must thank you for making it quite hard, actually. I've grown very good at visual novels since I play TONS of that stuff... And having a truly callenging one was a real treat!

I'm having trouble figuring out how to get Apris' true end. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to spend time with him in the courtyard whenever you can. Honesty is the best policy. Insist on staying with him and keeping him comfortable but not sharing. Work alone.

Thank you!

Excellent game, I really enjoyed it.

Can anyone help me as to where Sa's gold and silver clues are? It seems I can't do Shirr's route without them and I've already gotten the true endings for Marco, Yvonne, Shira, Apris, and Feathor.

From what Ive found out in my playthroughs, you need to gather the other endings like normal and bad endings to find the clues.

That's the thing, I've done all possible options I can think of and I'm still missing those two clues

Try building up trust between Mariko and Shira, and then don't show her the book. :) Glad to hear you've enjoyed the game!

(2 edits)

Thank you so much! That got me the silver clue but I'm still having trouble with the orange one if I could just get one more hint! :)

(EDIT: Nevermind, I was just getting the hint wrong, haha)

(EDIT2: ...and now I'm stuck on how to get anything but Shirr's Bad Endings A and B. The walkthrough cannot come fast enough)

Stay with Shirr whenever you can during the prologue and then in her route, choose the options in which Mariko is suspicious of her. Oh, and don't drink the potions with her, this one's crucial. Shirr's tricky like that. ;)

i've just finished the whole game and wow. words cannot express. i loved it so so much!!

sadly i can't gush about my favourite route as it's probably a spoiler. but you might know which one i mean. i loved it and them so much like it was honestly just. amazing.

thank you for making such a wonderful game! very few games can mess with my mind the way yours did and still not leave me completely confused. aside from a few grammatical errors, it was absolutely perfect in my opinion. some of the routes and choices were hard to figure out, but i'm putting that down to me and my way of thinking more than anything else.

i hope you make more games like this that i can enjoy in the future!

Thank you kindly for the feedback! ^^ I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much! (And it's always a joy hearing someone enjoyed "that" route. ^^) We'd love to have you on-board with our future projects, as well!

(1 edit)

I understand that you can't do anything about the Steam delay. :/ I hope it doesn't take too long, for some reason I can't buy this game on itch io using paypal. There's just an endless loading screen whenever I try to log in to my account. I've tried different browsers and waited a few days to try again, nothing works. It's driving me crazy :/

Yeah, the waiting is just horrible. :( Huh, that's odd... Nobody had any problems with payment here before. Perhaps the issue is related to your Paypal account, somehow? You could ask the Paypal staff about this directly, I also contacted them through Twitter with an issue of my own a while ago and they got back to me after a couple of days.

I use paypal everywhere else, and I was able to buy the game when I was using my phone, so idk what was causing this.


Just curious: Is the free Steam key with purchase extended until the game is available on Steam, or has it already ended at the end of December 2016?

I talked with MstMori and we decided to extend that bonus window to the end of January 2017, seeing as paperwork still takes forever. So if you'd like to get SoulSet here at the moment, you'll also get a Steam key when the time comes!

Awesome! Will do!

is there any walkthough, I'm struggling to get a good end

Hello! We're guessing some guides will appear once we manage to get the game on Steam. Might you be the same person who contacted me through Twitter? Perhaps I could help you out over there if you have a problem with something specific.

so is it really going to be released on steam too? i have troube buying it on itchio and it would be more easier for me to buy it there

From what I've read it is, they are just waiting for paper work

We are STILL waiting for those last paperwork finalizations that we've been told would take up to the middle of December at most. Believe us, this is very frustrating for us as well. We already have all of the assets for the Steam store page ready and waiting (achievements and trading cards included). All we can do for now is wait. We're sorry for the delay, we didn't know it would take this long, either. :c

Patience, otherwise known as long suffering, but i'll be patient! This game is worth the wait :)

(1 edit)

I'm also having trouble for Yvonnes' Bad Ending B, I've gone through her route several times and still haven't gotten it. I was also wondering if a digital copy of the artbook will eventually be for sale?

At this point I'm a little confused why do some of the players think that Yvonne even has a Bad Ending B. ^^; I'm wondering if it's somehow tied to the order of endings in the Ending Gallery, perhaps?

And yes, we're also planning to release the artbook in digital form. But for now, bringing the game over to Steam is our top priority. We'll be getting to work on the artbook afterwards. :)

I get it now XD I think its because I assumed that all five had four endings each so I know now the she doesn't. I'm assuming that not all characters will have a certian amount of bad endings, though now I'm having a hard figuring out if Apris has a true and normal ending... At any rate thanks for the help!

Ah, I see. :) Yes, the amount and type of endings are different for each character. So even with the End Gallery before you, some things can make you wonder and still turn out surprising, I guess. :)

Following the progress since IGG.. just bought from here a couple of days ago.^^

On completion of ~ 90%, Beautiful game, very non-linear & intriguing story. Personal favorite Marco's route, of course. ;p

Only request is to increase the full screen CGs on triggering events, something to consider on your next project perhaps? ^^

Clue start was a good addition, perhaps also a way to view the ending gallery from within the game, without exiting to the main menu would be appreciated.

Worthwhile purchase & congrats on successful project!

Hello and thank you for the comment! We're very happy to hear that you've enjoyed the game! :)

We're aware that there aren't many CGs in the game, but we did the best we could with them (considering the budget for this game was very tiny and we didn't manage to hit our stretch goal for them.) If our next projects turn out to be more successful then naturally this will be something we'll keep in mind. :)

Again, thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hello! I was wondering if like, there are clearer hints or even a vague guide for the routes somewhere? As it is I'm having a lot of trouble getting through some of the guys' routes (I've managed to get through the ladies except missing one bad end for Yvonne) and seem to be stuck in a bad end loop haha. That said it's an entertaining game so far!

Hi! We're guessing some guides will appear once we manage to get the game on Steam. I implemented a "Clue Chart" into the newest build (1.1), is that the one you're currently playing? If you'd like some specific hints, feel free to poke me over at Twitter (@Nayru774) and I'll see if I can help you further, since I'd like to keep the comments here as spoiler-free as possible. :) Glad to hear you're enjoying the game, though!

(1 edit)

Will an ending guide be released? Also does every character have four clues? Loving the game btw!

We're guessing some guides will appear once we manage to get the game on Steam. :) The amount of clues varies throughout the routes. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the game!

(1 edit)

Dear Players!

Acting upon the feedback I've received, I decided to add a "Clue Chart" to the newest build of the game.
It will show you which clues you managed to find (and which you didn't) in a character's route the moment you trigger a single bad ending for that character. You will find this chart in the Quick Menu of the game (right in-between the "Load" and "Settings" buttons). Once you get stuck, the chart should give you some kind of idea what routes to explore in order to advance further!

As always, downloading the new build will keep your current progress and save files intact.

I hope this little addition will help you out and make SoulSet an even more enjoyable experience!

- Nayru

Bought this game a few days ago, I've gotten most of the true/normal endings except for Marco and Shirr's. No matter what I try Shirr's always ends up bad ending a, no matter the choices. I've tried everything... :< it is very frustrating.

That said, I do like this game a lot. It is very well thought out, although I haven't been able to unlock every character. I love the concept as well. Mystery, romance with magic are always fun. The art is solid and the back grounds are great. The characters are believable as well and not flat like some characters in visual novels have been in the past. Soulset is a great visual novel.

Marco's and Shirr's routes are a bit tricky. ;3 Near the end of Shirr's route, try going to the library and then going back upstairs again.

Also, acting upon the feedback I've received, I decided to add a "Clue Chart" to the newest build of the game. It will show you which clues you managed to find (and which you didn't) in a character's route the moment you trigger a single bad ending for that character. You will find this chart in the Quick Menu of the game (right in-between the "Load" and "Settings" buttons). Once you get stuck, the chart should give you some kind of idea what routes to explore in order to advance further. I hope this little addition will help you out!

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so far! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the routes as well, once you manage to unlock them! :)

Review: Best thing I've ever played

Pros: Best thing ever

Cons: ALL OF THE OPTIONS GIVE YOU THE KING dammit, duped again by the stalker king card

Summary: Play this if it even remotely interests you. As a mystery fan (read: nerd) I had a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to playing this again on steam for those hot hot achievements. Great game!

'All of the options give you the king'.... do they, now :) Happy to hear you enjoyed the game.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed the game! :) (We're all waiting for those achievements!)

I loved the demo! As soon as the game released on Steam, I plan to buy the full version.

Thanks! We'd love to have you on-board once the time comes! :)

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